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Here you will find the Declaration of Performance (DoP) relevant for your door or window.

First you will have to choose the category - please notice that the glass elements around the door like top- and side-lights are categorized as windows.

Then enter the number of the DoP which you will find on the CE label on the back of your door or on in the corner of your window.

We recommend that you print out and keep the DoP if you intend to remove the label.

The DoP is a technical document made for authorities and technicians. Press here to get a short introduction of how to read the DoP.


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VD2013003ED (50.46 KB)
Exterior doors
VD2013009OS (49.22 KB)
JL2013001ED eng (46.48 KB)
Exterior doors
JL2015051ED eng (54.14 KB)
Exterior doors
VD2013004ED eng (45.57 KB)
Exterior doors
VD2013007ED eng (57.74 KB)
Exterior doors
VD2013037ED eng (2.62 MB)
Exterior doors